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20 Future-Facing SEO Blogs

The 20 SEO Blogs

(In no particular order)
  1. SEO by the Sea – Real SEOs read patent applications. Bill Slawski does it so you don’t have to.
  2. Justin Briggs – The former link building expert at Distilled shares deep SEO theory for smart people.
  3. SEOmoz – Still the best, the most useful, and the biggest source of SEO research on the web.
  4. SEOBook – Aaron Wall’s keen eye and solid practicality keep both Google and publishers on their toes.
  5. Distilled – A mix of technical and tactical, the UK imports spread their knowledge all over the English speaking world.
  6. Seer Interactive – Don’t mess with Philly SEOs. Just don’t.
  7. Conversation Marketing – Idiocy and bad SEO send Ian Lurie into a rage of biting sarcasm. Not to be missed.
  8. Blind Five Year Old – A good one. Search nerds love AJ Kohn’s tips and analysis.
  9. SEO Gadget – Richard Baxter’s growing brain trust in London serves up a mix of technical and brilliant.
  10. Kikolani – The most popular one woman marketing blog on the list, Kristi Hines stays on top of everything.
  11. Search Engine Land – Danny Sullivan’s 11 year old publication continues to provide must have SEO news.
  12. Search Engine Roundtable – Barry Schwartz is a one man newspaper, radio and TV station combined.
  13. Webmaster Central Blog – When the top engineers at Google share information, it’s worth paying attention.
  14. SEO wizz – Haven’t heard of SEO wizz? He doesn’t post much, but when he does it’s brilliant.
  15. David Naylor -Famously no BS Dave Naylor and his staff write a much respected, highly followed blog.
  16. Occam’s Razor -Pure analytics bliss, SEOs have a lot to learn from Avinash Kaushik
  17. Blumenthals - One of the masters of local search, and a frequent Google rabble-rouser.
  18. Inside Search – Another good blog from Google, this one actually is a bit more “inside.”
  19. Stone Temple – Nobody interviews more SEOs and influencers than Eric Enge. A lot to be found here.
  20. Marketing Pilgrim – One of the good guys of online marketing, and some great studies as well.
5 seo2exchange: 20 Future-Facing SEO Blogs The 20 SEO Blogs (In no particular order) SEO by the Sea  – Real SEOs read patent applications. Bill Slawski does it so you don’t...
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